Cui apartine Yoga?

am fost recent la o intalnire pe teme indiene la cluj si bineinteles ca s-a deschis usor deviant cu subiectul principal, ideea de yoga.. au fost intrebari la care am mai raspuns si in alte ocazii de genu: Yoga Religie? Yoga Indiei? Yoga din Bhagavad Gita? Yoga lui Krishna?…

Yoga apartine tuturor, iar spre surprinderea multora, cand invatam despre yoga in burta Indiei nu zicem ca asta ii este originea, ci facem trimitere la cele mai vechi izvoare arheologice ce regaseste Yoga intr-o comunitate care a trait in zona Avganistanului de azi..

Yoga este ceva ce poate aparea, regasi ca un nou in oricine gaseste drumul spre Sine, nu apartine si nu este orginara, ea doar este. La fel cum nu Cristofor Columb, nici vikingii nu au descoperit America. Sau cum natura isi stia  perfect functiile ei si era in deplina armonie si inainte ca omul sa inceapa sa o descifreze.

Yoga este pentru toti – o metoda – o unealta – un drum –



Clase / Cursuri Yoga Cluj – Octombrie – 2014

Date / Time

Class Focus



Foundational Yoga – S04E01



Morning Yoga Flow



Yoga Intro



Evening Yoga



Foundational Yoga – S04E02



Morning Yoga Flow



Yoga Intro



Evening Yoga



Foundational Yoga – S04E03 – I



Morning Yoga Flow



Yoga 210 min – Free entry for meetup group members



Yin Yoga



Foundational Yoga – S04E03 – II



Morning Yoga Flow



Yoga Intro



Evening Yoga



Foundational Yoga – S04E04



Morning Yoga Flow

Intensive – Yoga Teacher Training – Jamaica

I was invited these days to step as a teacher for an Intensive Teacher Training in Jamaica, February 1-14, 2014 by Blackbird Yoga in collaboration with Yoga Bless Jamaica.

Find more about the team, Kelly Thornton E-RYT 200 ,RYT 500 & Amber Aten E-RYT 500 as also of the even by joining the info event on the 10th of Octomber 2014.


Blackbird Yoga is a 5 star***** Rated Yoga Alliance Teacher Training Program

For more info, please email:
Contact phone:  +1 876 278 6484

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It’s an asana (pose) good or wrong?

many times i open the yoga class saying that yoga is not a sport, that you are not competing or comparing with your yoga mat colleagues (and at some level not even with yourself).. and i would love expand into this some other time.. because yesterday night when i said this, one new participant asked, after other words:

“Then how can you say we are doing wrong?”

Oh, that was a lovely smart moment question, but in my attempt to quickly answer and get back to the class and practice maybe i was not fully understood. My fast answer was:

“Well you are right, you’re not doing the pose wrong, you are on the journey to the pose, to its full expression and benefits – i will tell you what we understand from this pose and at the limit of your current understanding, your attempt to enter the pose (if done with true presence) will always be good – but as often not what we, or the one who propose this pose thousand of years ago, like to agree it is.”

Confusing? then you are paying the correct amount of attention.

So we could manifest one asana in different forms, based on our personal “range” of understanding, motion and moment in time and depending on our intention it cannot be called differently that good, but i would rephrase it from now as “good effort”, “good understanding” or somehow else and not as “good pose” or how one of my loved teacher (Narendra Singh)  would say it “This is for you!” and very rarely “This IS!!!”
(aka between collegues as “dees ees” :) “dees ees position” , “dees ees final position” [video1, video2])

STILL .. because we are all in this journey, which actually is the same journey no matter how many paths one will see, we agree that understanding is one, the truth is one.
As we come to yoga not to express our ego, but to surrender it to the practice, so our journey and understanding of the asana poses should bring us together, aligned into less “fluctuating” expressions.

I am currently preparing an article, in romanian language, about Warrior 1 (Virabhadrasana A) but also including all warriors 2,3 and reversed (Virabhadrasana B, C), and while on the quest of collecting other ideas upon it, i passed over these lines:

“Yoga is the physical embodiment of myriad myths and poetic forms. If we look only at the asanas (postures) themselves, we can see each one has the potential to connect us to something deeper, something metaphysical (“beyond the physical”) within ourselves. Each posture is named and modeled after some creature, mythological archetype, or revered being. By placing our body into these postures, we become a physical metaphor for the thing we are imitating. In doing so, we can invite profound awareness around how the characteristics of these creatures, archetypes, and revered beings might be showing up in our own physical, mental, and spiritual make-up.”

so its is very important that we understand the goal of the pose, its origin, its final expression, its benefits, actually everything about that pose so that we are aware of our experience when manifesting ourselves into it.

In few words – YES, WE ARE SUPPOSED TO UNDERSTAND THE POSE AND DO IT CORRECTLY AND ALIGNED WITH THEIR DEFINITIONS, ENERGY. And [please] don’t promote, don’t public[shortcuts] personal messages from your teachers – it will only confuse others and prolong their journey [, please understand the messages behind ahimsa, satya and swadhyaya].

As i mentioned in one previous line, there will be an article on warrior poses in Romanian, but for my international friends I will shortly sum up my findings [before a focused post on this]:

Especially Warrior I, Virabhadrasana A, is not a traditional pose in yoga – where you can only track it down to Krishnamacharya, which was the teacher of Iyengar, K. Pattabhi Jois, Desikachar (which passed it to Gary Kraftsow) and this happened about 70 years ago. More recently than that by divine revelation it appeared also in Bikram Yoga but with the back heel up which is an exception of totally other understandings as also this “Bikram Yoga” which tries to mimic Indian conditions on performing asanas is let’s say “excommunicated”, not thought in India, not recognized by Indian yoga teachers and gurus.

Virabhadrasana is linked to an Hindu legend which involves Shiva, Shakti, Daksha and Virabhadra and all these poses interpret those events. As my initial personal feeling, these poses were initially dance poses or as previously mentioned, Gary Kraftsow – foundator of Viniyoga American Institute) said, they were present in the ancient indian martial arts – as one who performs any martial arts would notice its grounding, efficient energy to retreat and the courageous frontal gaze.

Why they were introduced in yoga? and other martial arts? - this is a journey i invite you all to understand for these and any other asana..

Yoga is the fearless expression of the Self..

Cursuri Yoga Septembrie 2014

clase / cursuri de yoga in Cluj luna septembrie :) enjoy:

02.09.2014 – 07:30 – Foundational Yoga S01E04
02.09.2014 – 20:30 – Evening Yoga
05.09.2014 – 08:00 – Morning Yoga
07.09.2014 – 10:00 – Hatha Yoga Intro
09.09.2014 – 07:30 – Foundational Yoga S02E01
09.09.2014 – 20:30 – Evening Yoga
12.09.2014 – 08:00 – Morning Yoga
14.09.2014 – 10:00 – Hatha Yoga Intro
16.09.2014 – 07:30 – Foundational Yoga S02E02
16.09.2014 – 20:30 – Evening Yoga
19.09.2014 – 08:00 – Morning Yoga
21.09.2014 – 08:30 – Yoga 210min
23.09.2014 – 07:30 – Foundational Yoga S02E03
23.09.2014 – 20:30 – Yin Yoga
26.09.2014 – 08:00 – Morning Yoga
28.09.2014 – 10:00 – Hatha Yoga Intro
30.09.2014 – 07:30 – Foundational Yoga S02E04
30.09.2014 – 20:30 – Evening Yoga

Namaste ;)


Despre o dragoste sau ceva la fel de greu de inteles…

In primul rand as vrea sa-mi exprim aprecierea pentru dedicatia pe care a avut-o Iyengar fata de Yoga, a intelegerii si a fructelor acesteia. Mi-ar fi placut sa-l fi intalnit in persoana anul viitor, va ramane sa-i cunosc vibratia si din drumul parcurs.

din Jurnalul de Calatorie 2014…

Inca din prima plimbarica prin India, ne-am intalnit cu aceasta inima numita Vishnu

si ne-am asezat langa el, pe drum, la invitatia lui de a sta la o vorba, i-am spus de unde suntem, i-am desenat Romania si toti vecinii, i-am povestit despre Romania si de ce suntem cea mai importanta tara pe pamant :) si ne-a ascultat, mai ales m-a ascultat pana la capat.. insa avea si el o poveste.. era fara mai mult de jumatate dintr-un picior, dupa un accident de munca, fara ajutor de la stat, cu o sotie frumoasa si o fetita dupa numele raului, Ganga.. A incercat multe aternative sa-si sustina familia si avea un tel important, fiica lui trebuia sa urmeze scoala.. si-a procurat un cantar.. s-a asezat la margine de drum.. si astepta in fiecare zi un banut pentru o cantarire si cand zic un banut, ma refer ca el nu cerea nimic, iar cei nativi poate ii lasau cateva monezi de rupii (daca cea mai mare moneda e de 5 rupii ~ 25 de bani la noi).. cu 5 rupii acolo poate in vreun colt nativ ai putea procura un shot de masala tchai.. oricum… ne facusem obicei, mai ales fratele meu sa-i lase de fiecare data cand treceam pe langa ceva mai semnificativ. Insa Vishnu dorea si altceva, dorea sa intre in vorba cu oamenii, dorea sa vorbeasca si sa-si intareasca engleza, sa-si spuna povestea… sa arate ca nu lupta pentru o existenta, ca lupta pentru mai mult..

20140319_151631-SMILEam plecat in acel an, insa fratele meu a ramas intr-o buna relatie cu el, telefoane, bani trimisi prin banca.. iar anul viitor la primele reintalniri am realizat si poza din stanga :) mai mult sa o trimit fratelui meu, care imi exclama prima data “are un alt tricou”…

si la fel, cat de des treceam, Vishnu ma invita sa stau jos, sa vorbesc, il intrebam daca are urgente, griji, il ajutam cu ce puteam si apoi ma grabeam sa recuperez drumul inital inceput…

Intr-un timp discutile cu Vishnu incepeau sa se transforme in invitatii, vroia sa-mi arate casa, sa ma invite la o masa, sa-i cunosc locul, sa-l inteleg.. si parca ma feream sa simt atat de adanc tot ce vroia el sa-mi zica, sa-mi arate… ca intr-o zi sa ma anunte ca el pleaca sa-si puna o proteza la picior, insa inainte vrea sa ne vedem… mi se facuse putina jena, ma gandeam ca iar vrea sa reia invitatile sau poate vrea sa-l mai ajut cu ceva.. nici nu stiam cum sa reactionez si asa se facu.. ca dimineata aia uitasem de el..

Insa.. in planul divin imi facuse un drum pe unde statea el de obicei, nu stiu cu ce eram ocupat, dar nici nu ma gandeam ca mai e pe acolo… ca.. sa vad un omulet de la departare.. care striga dupa mine.. ohhhhh… mi s-a topit putin inima…

– Vishnu, ce faci? azi nu lucrezi?… intrebam eu vazand lipsa cantarului
– Nu, azi, nu… maine plec… am insa ceva pentru tine
(ohhh… ma gandeam sper sa nu sar doua garduri sa beau un tceai la casuta lui sau sa-mi dea ceva de papa, ceva ce nu o sa pot refuza insa mintea mea va fi usor tulburata)
Si intre timp ma aseaza jos langa el.. si-mi scoate o punga cu ceva… imi zice..
– Pentru tine..
Sufletul imi era topit, era prea mult… “nu trebuia” ii tot repet.. imi intinde… nu puteam sa-l refuz, desi incercam sa evit.. colegul cu care eram imi zice ca nu am voie sa-l refuz.. si… accept.. il imbratisez.. in timp ce imi murmura toata fata de emotii… ma invita “Deschide!”


Vishnu: – Am vazut ca tot porti asa maieuri si ti-am luat unul…
Eu: mmmmm.. si lacrimile mi se ascumdeau sub piele.. in timp ce-mi ascundeam fata in piept aratandu-mi un interes spre a descoperi si celelalte.. apoi sar din nou sa-l imbratisez… “Vishnuu”…

Pe drum… imi zice John, colegul de dinainte.. “Darius… nu stiam, m-a intrebat de tine azi, a zis ca te asteapta.. m-a intrebat de numarul tau de telefon, nu stiam daca sa il dau sau nu.. nu stiam daca ai vrea asta.. insa cred ca te-a asteptat aici toata ziua…”

si pasind in continuare tot mai emotionat pe drum.. imi dau seama cat de scumpe erau aceste cadouri, nu doar emotional ci si valoric pentru el.. si-mi aminteam de cadourile pe care le facem uneori persoanelor iubite, atat de scumpe incat ne sacrificam pentru ele, incat valoarea lor depaseste mult capacitatile noastre normale.. rationale.. si ma gandeam… daca noi.. pentru iubirile noastre exageram asa din dragoste.. care este dragostea pe care Vishnu o simtea pentru noi, pentru mine, sau ca proxy pentru fratele meu..

Iyengar a fost un many-life-changer prin dragostea pe care a avut-o pentru yoga incat multi din admiratorii lui pentru manifestarea avuta l-au propus si pentru premiul Nobel de Pace..

ramai in dragoste,