Yamas Yamas seem like they are clear and literally written , but they generate more questions : Non violence , not harming another living being – I immediately though “of course “ but what if someone is harming me ? Hurting me ? Should I turn the other cheek? It might happen once or twice but then I will react , probably with even more violence . If I will try to understand first why this” other “ wants to hurt me and try to either fix it or go away , create distance Hopefully I will be always able to chose to walk away or fix, but, it’s not always possible.. Parents for example , neighbors coworkers, management …. I’m guessing the intention here is not to be violent no matter what violence can be verbal and behavioral, not necessarily punch to the face .. Most of the time non physical violence hurt more..words or absence of words can create more damage.. Talking about self inflicted violence.. Judging your self ,punishing yourself or others . Calling names.. I have a good friend , smart woman very interesting and intelligent but I often hear her husband telling her she speaks rubbish only because she understands something in a different way .. When you see her shutting up and her body folds , it looks like she’s been slapped . I hate it. When you have an argument with someone and their way of letting you know they are angry is not talking to you… Violence… everything that causes another to cringe.. most of the time or probably always violence does not get you anywhere, just more violence. A circle . Which means you are in a loop…not growing not changing, exposed to the outside world to decide for you your mood , your energy.. Only when you chose to forgive or walk away you can grow Satya – truthfulness – oh my god .. 🙂 do we say the truth even if we are not asked ? Do we tell the truth even if it hurts another living being ? Which contradicts already the first rule? Not to start even on being truthful to yourself ( I guess it will be a nyama) telling someone she had a bad haircut 🙂 viscous… 🙂 Sometimes when you do not say the truth you need to pay a price yourself… For example, my need to be polite… I had this guy that I met for two minutes writing to me whatsapp messages 3 -4 times a day about what he is doing, what is he eating etc. At first I kept answering because I didn’t want to hurt his feelings , but then it started affecting me… annoying me … So I told him “ please do not be offended but it is not me, I m not interested in hearing all this via whatsapp from someone I don’t know …lets meet when you’re in Luxembourg and see from there “ And he stopped and I felt great . I felt great because a lot of times you prefer being polite or nice( so people will not think you’re a bitch 😉 ) instead of just doing what you feel and be truthful about it. No more 🙂 that’s being true to the other and yourself 🙂 priceless Asteya- not stealing … well.. It seems obvious.. When I was a child I took a plastic watch from a friend 🙁 we also took small bags of lemon sugar from the grocery near school… The fact that I still remember this , not feeling very proud about it , says a lot to me.. I’m very honest.. I do my absolute best not to be involved with men that are spoken for and with a lot of success . I believe that what goes around comes around.. And not to do things to others which will be unpleasant if done to me. I do not steal credit for things I’ve not done and will make sure it goes to the correct place. I try not to steal attention from someone who needs it more at the same moment. I know exactly what does not belong to me .. Sometimes it’s hard to make the good decision . In Jewish religion we believe you are coming again and again to the world to fix your issues… You can definitely come back for stealing just in order to give it back.. I’m not religious but it makes sense to me… My place was burglarized a few times in London and once in tel aviv and it feels so bad , even if nothing important was taken , like someone violated you . Which brings us later on to possessiveness:-) Brahmacharya Celibacy – no cheating on a partner. I understand it literally since its celibacy .. You should only be with your partner . Is it only about sex ? Or cheating by even thinking of someone else ? Or not wanting to be with your partner and still be ? There are so many things that can be affected by being unfaithful but also for talking about it with your partner ( telling the truth is always the right path ?) you can make a mistake once and by telling it you maybe feeling better about yourself but what about the other ? Should we pay for every mistake ? The Only sure way to avoid cheating is not getting close with anyone but your partner, but what if it’s a better fit for you or maybe it’s a one time thing , can you disregard it or you need to break up with your partner in order to not be in this position ? What if your partner does not give you you what you need but you love him her and don’t want to leave over that ? Non possessiveness- I guess most people are possessive.. They just call it a different name sometimes… Jealous.. Or maybe it’s the same.. Being jealous for someone or something because someone else is enjoying it now. Even if you don’t use it anymore. Probably most of the violence in this world is because of that I was just thinking how can you have the point on celibacy when there is a point about possession… Does it not contradict ? If you want a connecting line between them it will be ego .