22 IUN – 22 IUL


Ardha Chandrasana+


upward plank pose

dancer’s pose



Pozitia 6 din sun salutation


Inverted table top

Open kneeling cest

Open kneeling twist




Pigeon for emotions?



Focus on chest and heart-opening poses like upward plank pose, half moon pose, and dancer’s pose.

Cancer is a water element that governs the chest, breast, stomach and digestion. They can suffer from weak digestion and other stomach ills and there is a tendency to coughs and weakness of vision as well as varicose veins.


Yoga: Chant “YAM” to open your heart chakra wide and set it free


Go with feminine Hatha-style moves like the Half Moon and Cobra. Avoid stricter, more angular styles like Iyengar. Balancing poses such as Dancer’s Pose or the Tree help bring you emotional stability, and the Boat helps strengthen your weakest area — the belly. Yoga at home with a video might appeal to you homebody types.


Element: Water

Quality: Cardinal

Ruling House: Fourth

Ruling Planets: The Moon

Cancer Traits:

Cancerians are emotionally sensitive folks with powerful imagination. They are friendly and seek stability in physical and emotional life. Cancerians love nurturing others around. They are patriotic, passionate and have a good memory which makes them awesome story tellers over coffee and dinner tables.

Cancer Yoga Pose:

Cancer sign born face gastric troubles, stomach ailments and diseases connected with water. They tend to feel pain in the legs and feet. To lower emotional stress, they need to do lots of physical and sports activities especially Team Sports because it adds the element of community as cancerians tend to adjust better because they are water personalities. Cancerians also tend to have weak digestion as well. Therefore, the yoga asana that suits cancerians best is Ardha Chandrasana Asana i.e the Half Moon Pose. This asana helps in expanding chest and shoulders apart from improving overall balance. Crabs find solutions to their nagging pains as they are vindictive in nature. On the brighter side, cancers are good with money, probably because they value a sense of security. Overall, robust workout session is what can best help a touchy crab so it is recommended that they combine yoga with a bit of cardio element in it.

Cancer – Saubhadra

Saubhadra represents samyama, which means holding together. Samyama groups together the three concepts of concentration, meditation and samadhi as expressed by Patanjali– it represents an intense state of absorption on the object of concentration.

Perhaps Cancer is not the first sign to come to an astrologer’s mind when thinking of concentration, but samyama does not so much indicate intellectual concentration, but a deeper kind of concentration, with one’s own being. In this sense, the similarities with Cancer become apparent, as Cancer has the capacity to become fully absorbed on what interests it. In fact, Cancer can be the most personal and attached sign of the zodiac, but also the most caring and attentive, like a mother.

Saubhadra represents the highest expression of Cancer, when it has learnt to see the whole universe as its own, just like in samadhi.