Termeni cu C

cakra or chakra

चक्र – roata, cerc, ciclu

  • valtoare de energie
  • literally meaning “wheels”, in yoga this refers to the seven energy or “life force” centers lying from the base of the spine to the head.
  • literally, the wheel of a wagon; metaphorically, one of the psycho-energetic centers of the subtle body (sukshma-sharira); in Buddhist yoga, five such centers are known, while in Hindu yoga often seven or more such centers are mentioned
  • energy center; the basic system has seven chakras (root, sacrum, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and crown), each of which is associated with a color, element, syllable, significance, etc.

catuspadapitham –

  • Yoga Table or Crab Pose

chakravakasana –

  • Table to Child Pose.


चन्द्र – “chand” – Luna, chandra – specific lunii, in semnul lunii

  • moon

chandra nadi –

  • Ida nadi

chapatti –

  • A thin, round flat bread.

chaturanga dandasana

  • Four Limbed Staff Pose, Yoga Low Plank Pose.

chela –

  • Disciple

chidakasha –

  • Psychic space in front of the closed eyes, just behind the forehead.

chidanand –

  • State of consciousness where being, consciousness, and bliss shines.

chin mudra –

  • Hand gesture in which the first finger is kept at the root of the thumb, the last three fingers are unfolded.

chit kundalini –

  • A stage in the experience of the rise of kundalini when the breath stops and becomes congealed low in the body.

cin-mudra  –

  • a common hand gesture (mudra) in meditation (dhyana), which is formed by bringing the tips of the index finger and the thumb together, while the remaining fingers are kept straight

cit  –

  • the superconscious ultimate Reality (see atman, brahman)


चित्त – psihicul, mintea

  • ordinary consciousness, the mind, as opposed to cit